Sowing Happiness personalised gift

Greeting Card:

Know anyone who brings you happiness and you want them to know it? this is the gift for you and yours!

This package supports one small independent business and includes;

  • A Veer and Moon packet of Sweet Pea seeds
  • A bloomin(g) marvelous greeting postcard
  • Three peat free pots
  • Three peat free compost discs
  • A personalised copper plant label.

It’s the perfect gift for friends, family and colleagues for any occasions, to say thank you and to show them just how much you love and appreciate them. 

Marigolds stands for "Tiny Pleasures" and that's why it was chosen as the perfect seed for Happiness. This coupled with a personalised copper label will ensure that they know how much happiness they bring you and they can watch it grow!.

Choose between two beautiful cards both saying "Bloomin Marvelous" on the front and let me know what you'd like to say on the reverse and I will include a hand written message. Please enter the message, starting with Card: in the section provided in your Cart.

Each Label will come with "Sweat Ha "pea" ness" at the front and a personalised message  at the back. Please enter the personalised message, starting with Label: in the section provided in your Cart, please stay within 28 characters and remember to leave an email address so I can contact you if needs be. Examples have been included in the photos but you can choose what you like, the font will be the same. 

✅ Delivery is FREE and sent out via Evri UK. Allow 2 - 3 days for delivery after dispatch
✅ Add the recipient’s address at checkout if you’d like this delivered directly to them
✅ Any questions about substituting items, please get in touch.


Sow early in February-March in a a pot inside. If using the peat free compost discs please add water to expand before putting them into the peat free pots and adding seeds. Once the pots are seeded please stand them in a container to contain the water.

Once germinated plant the pot and plant directly into the garden spoil in April or May. You may need to thin out the young plants to allow more space to grow.

You can also sow late: from April directly into the ground.

Soak the seeds in water for 24 hours before planting them so that they germinate better. Put the seeds 2 cm deep in the soil.

If sowing directly outside or once the plants are ready to be planted outside; Sow them in rows 5 cm apart, against a fence or mesh in a (semi) sunny spot. The plant is going to climb!

Please note; Support the plants at an early stage. The plant blooms in July - October. Attractive to bees (and butterflies to a lesser extent). 


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