PURCHASE 11 to 30 - Lanyard Rainbow and Apple Blanks


Looking for the perfect colorful lanyard for the perfect gift for almost anyone - Look no further! We have four colourful styles,  there's a style for everyone.

The rainbow lanyards have a mirrored silver, mirrored gold or wooden discs at the bottom of a set of silicone beads. The apple lanyard is shaped as an apple with bright rainbow silicone beads and rainbow coloured rope. All discs can be personalised. 

The lanyards are 18" (from the top of the disc to the clasp) and include a 5cm disc, 6 silicone beads, and a badge and key fixings.  

1 to 3 £3.20 each plus £1.50 P&P
4 to 10 £3 each free P&P
11 t o 30 £2.90 each free P&P

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