Chemotherapy support package

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This package is close to my heart.

In 2021 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and what followed was 9 months of active chemotherapy, surgery and Radiotherapy. 

What was apparent was that I had no idea what to expect which made it all the more frightening and that people who knew me did not quite know what to say or do for support. 

So this idea was born, why? Well I found that being prepared made the journey better somehow so if you are struggling to know how to support a loved who is about to embark through this difficult time then this gift not only provides tried and tested practical solutions to possible treatment side effects but makes sure that the person receiving it knows that they are not alone in the journey. 

Some Hospitals are still upholding Covid restrictions so people can not be accompanied when going in for treatment but having something physical to take with them from a loved one is priceless.

As I went through my journey I picked up valuable knowledge and experience so everything in this package has been specially selected to help with both the mental and physical strains of Cancer treatment and hopefully make someone smile. The package can be delivered straight to the recipient or to yourselves.

Items include; 

  • "You've got this" written on a Tote bag in silver glitter font and a small pink heart logo
  • A leaflet which includes all the useful tips, webpages and groups I found useful through my journey.
  • Sugar free lemon sherbets
  • A water bottle displaying how much water you should be drinking and provides encouraging words. Colors available, pink, grey or mint
  • Au Naturale Lip Balm
  • Neutrogena unscented Hand Cream
  • Packet of Kleenex tissues
  • Mindful coloring and word search book
  • Detol antibacterial hand gel
  • A choice of handmade bracelets;
    • F*ck Cancer, a delicate pink cord with sterling silver beads arranged to spell out F*ck Cancer in morse code.
    • Be strong, be brave, be fearless. A pink cord with three Agate beads. Indian Agate is a natural gemstone said to provide/promote courage, protection and emotional security.
  • A postcard, where you can include a message to complete the package 

Please ask any questions. 

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