PURCHASE 3 to 5 - Scent up Bottles

Bottle colour:
Pod Flavour:

650Ml Scent Up (Air) Water Bottle with 1 Flavoured Taste Pod.


1 to 2 bottles £14.99 

3 to 5 bottles £11.00

6 to 20 bottles £9.99 

                              *** All Prices include P&P ***


How it works:

This water bottle features flavour pods that allow you to enjoy the taste of your water without adding any flavouring. When a user takes a sip, the pods emit flavoured air bubbles that mix with the liquid--50% air and 50% water--before reaching the mouth and triggering the brain's interpretation of flavour.


The package will include:

1x Water Bottle

1x Flavour Pods (Random Taste)

Product size: about 42x42x14mm/1.65x1.65x0.55inch

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